Quality of the summers tested

Surely you know the idea that says we should first know our own ground before we go on wandering around foreign lands. And if we transfer it to a broader context, can we say that until we know the earth near ours, why travel to the other end of the world? If you are looking for a holiday by the sea, choose a relaxing country, choose the country where we have already travelled as children, choose the country where you can speak Czech, choose the country easily accessible by car, which is certainly a significant preference, especially when travelling with children or dogs .

The island of Krk will not disappoint you
And just such a country, it could be said that the promised, is Croatia. Just a 7-hour drive away, you are on the island of Krk, where you will be on your way to those who love sports in the water and on land, as well as those who like to explore and soak up the atmosphere of old towns and small sundown alleys. If you are travelling with ABC travel agency, know that the tranquility is guaranteed. Accommodation This traditional travel agency offers in apartments in Croatia, for an even more favorable price is the possibility of using tents or caravans in the camp.