Our racks are definitely worth it

The main focus of a proven and reliable company is the projection supply activity. The product it offers is shelving or rack systems for storage. Suitable for, for example, large warehouses, the banking sector, but also for small entrepreneurs and many other disciplines.
Above standard approach to every customer, quality product, reliable service, all this and of course still much more, guarantees a specialized company on racks and their systems. Storage platforms, pallet, shelving, but also console racks. The latter are suitable for storing most of the materials that have a longer dimension, eg. Pipes, sheets, wood, etc. The advantage is the possibility to store materials of such lengths that do not fit into other types of racks.

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So do not hesitate to contact us for a quote, we approach each customer individually and follow his wishes and requirements.

Active life in full health

Are you dealing with your dog actively with a favorite dog sport? Is your dog regularly subjected to a large physical load? Are you sure that it receives all necessary care with regard to the high physical burden? In order for your dog to enjoy good health and to make you happy with its athletic performances, it is necessary to provide the appropriate conditions for it.
To keep your dog in good shape
Veteran Prague, these are top experts with a rich experience, who will be happy to advise you on how to take care of a dog athlete. Only a healthy and strong dog can actively sport and diversify life not only to himself, but also to his owner. We will advise you on how to take care of his musculoskeletal apparatus, we will help you to choose the appropriate nutrition and answer all your questions about dog sports issues from the point of view of health.

Quality of the summers tested

Surely you know the idea that says we should first know our own ground before we go on wandering around foreign lands. And if we transfer it to a broader context, can we say that until we know the earth near ours, why travel to the other end of the world? If you are looking for a holiday by the sea, choose a relaxing country, choose the country where we have already travelled as children, choose the country where you can speak Czech, choose the country easily accessible by car, which is certainly a significant preference, especially when travelling with children or dogs .

The island of Krk will not disappoint you
And just such a country, it could be said that the promised, is Croatia. Just a 7-hour drive away, you are on the island of Krk, where you will be on your way to those who love sports in the water and on land, as well as those who like to explore and soak up the atmosphere of old towns and small sundown alleys. If you are travelling with ABC travel agency, know that the tranquility is guaranteed. Accommodation This traditional travel agency offers in apartments in Croatia, for an even more favorable price is the possibility of using tents or caravans in the camp.

It is important to

The filter sand forms a very important filling of each cleaning unit. Since it is not necessary to change it frequently, you may forget about this activity. The greatest proportion of the good capture of mechanical impurities is the sharpness of grains. However, the sharp edges are rounded after a while and the dirt is more difficult to catch. And that's a moment you shouldn't miss. It's time to swap. The new filling of the pool cleaning unit fills new blood into the veins. And so it will be able to serve again A hundred percent performance.
Easy, fast, under one roof
The offer of e-shop, which specializes in products and products needed for the care of swimming pool water and trouble-free operation of the whole equipment, will surely attract you. Firstly, it is wide enough and varied, and it is perfectly clear. The item is divided into individual categories, which are a great guide to the search. In addition, the products are provided with detailed descriptions, including photographs. Definitely you will not buy a hare in a sack. The goods offered are good quality and available at affordable prices. When it comes to cleaning units, you have the choice of filter sand or zeolite.

Do not commit any compromise

With the work of a doctor in Pilsen you do not have to commit any professional and career compromise, because even here you can find attractive job offers with the possibility of career growth, which certainly interests anyone who wants to perform their work well and all their lives. The psychiatric hospital in Dobřany, which is a town 14 km from Pilsen, receives psychiatric experts. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a very interesting opportunity in a picturesque and beautiful place.
If you don't love the hectic city
Who likes the picturesque landscape of Šumava and beautiful Southern Bohemia and does not love the hectic city, he is sure to send his CV and will apply for interesting work.

Relaxation stays are becoming more and more popular

Do you want to finally have time for your loved ones, a partner or partner, and to tighten relationships? Or do you like to enjoy relaxing stays together as a family or as a bunch of former classmates? Would you prefer your self in this hectic and hurried time and go for the relaxation stays alone, lonely?

We want to rest and we need, of course, all from time. Have you ever wondered what you can do to relax in a relaxing getaway? The clear favourites in the rankings are work, hustler, stress, housework and duties, stereotypical lifestyle. Moms and wives also need a break from cooking and cleaning.
Healthy relaxation = Relaxation stays from us!

Ladies-Relax from the carousel-household and work? Change the environment? Let it be served-do not cook, and yet have what to eat? Not to be cleaned and clean? … Enter with us!

Enclosures with large storage space

We offer you high quality built-in and other cabinets and furniture at very decent prices. Our company has been on the market for twelve years and we can offer you not only rich experience, good price, professional advice, but also high quality furniture.
Thinking of buying a new wardrobe and do not know for what type to decide? There is nothing simpler than to look at our website or contact us and we will gladly and professionally advise you on the best wardrobe for you.
Choose your new wardrobe carefully

We advise you to consider the cupboard very well. Please consult with experts, the proposed solution will certainly suit you. We will be glad if you contact us to ask for help with choosing a wardrobe. We're here for you.

According to your requirements and wishes

Choose our offered types of helpers, tailored to your requirements and wishes. Only with our kinds of racks, you can make your work easier every day, in such a modern image and in a safe way, as you want and how you need yourself. Only in our very varied selection, choose them from very modern and practical species.
Great prices to please
Take a look at our amazing offer that will amazes you. We offer you beautiful, very stylish, perfectly modern and very practical types of shelves, with which you always and everywhere will be a great help. Only with us, you have very wide possibilities, from which exact types and designs to choose them. According to your wishes, tastes, requirements and needs, choose our kinds of helpers, at very favorable prices.

Quality sofas must not be missed in any house

Do you have your head over what kind of sofa you should take home? All sofas from us are the best ones you can buy for many reasons. They are inexpensive, comfortable, elegant, and will serve you more than just sitting. Everyone deserves to relax, and everyone should indulge him. And just to relax are designed our sofas. Your apartment will be much more elegant when you take our seats and armchairs. Be modern, and indulge yourself in luxury, at great prices. You will see that the investment in your comfort you will not regret.

Large and small
She has a great deal of all the different sets of seating. Sofas will be one joy to choose if you focus on our shop. So do not hesitate, make yourself happy to yourself, your parents or friends, and treat all your loved ones a great sitting on your new sofa.

Only off-white ice cream

So what do you want? Fruit sorbets with fruit pieces, natural fresh fruit sorbets or are you attracted to cream ice cream? Don't be afraid of sorbets. They do not contain fats nor are they additionally well-fitted and sweetened.
Or how about a creamy ice cream with pieces of almonds, nuts, biscuits, noubates and other goodgirls? Are you looking at the ice cream market?
Shed Ice Cream
However, the full novelty of the ice cream. If you don't know what you're climbing, then you need to be drowning, confectionery pastes or chocolate. But that's not all-ice cream can also be sprinkled with nuts, coconut, chocolate crums and whatnot. Tastes converge as beautifully as it looks. Come to us at the pastry shop, buy a pack in the shop or order it to your home! Good taste!