Only off-white ice cream

So what do you want? Fruit sorbets with fruit pieces, natural fresh fruit sorbets or are you attracted to cream ice cream? Don't be afraid of sorbets. They do not contain fats nor are they additionally well-fitted and sweetened.
Or how about a creamy ice cream with pieces of almonds, nuts, biscuits, noubates and other goodgirls? Are you looking at the ice cream market?
Shed Ice Cream
However, the full novelty of the ice cream. If you don't know what you're climbing, then you need to be drowning, confectionery pastes or chocolate. But that's not all-ice cream can also be sprinkled with nuts, coconut, chocolate crums and whatnot. Tastes converge as beautifully as it looks. Come to us at the pastry shop, buy a pack in the shop or order it to your home! Good taste!