It is important to

The filter sand forms a very important filling of each cleaning unit. Since it is not necessary to change it frequently, you may forget about this activity. The greatest proportion of the good capture of mechanical impurities is the sharpness of grains. However, the sharp edges are rounded after a while and the dirt is more difficult to catch. And that's a moment you shouldn't miss. It's time to swap. The new filling of the pool cleaning unit fills new blood into the veins. And so it will be able to serve again A hundred percent performance.
Easy, fast, under one roof
The offer of e-shop, which specializes in products and products needed for the care of swimming pool water and trouble-free operation of the whole equipment, will surely attract you. Firstly, it is wide enough and varied, and it is perfectly clear. The item is divided into individual categories, which are a great guide to the search. In addition, the products are provided with detailed descriptions, including photographs. Definitely you will not buy a hare in a sack. The goods offered are good quality and available at affordable prices. When it comes to cleaning units, you have the choice of filter sand or zeolite.